Many new entrepreneurs believe they do not need or cannot afford a small business lawyer. Consequently, entrepreneurs often only reach out to a lawyer when they are in the midst of a problem, by which time there may be little that can be done. That is why we suggest partnering with a small business lawyer before you find yourself in a difficult situation. 

When is the right time to form a partnership with a small business lawyer?

The easy answer is that you want to partner with a small business lawyer as soon as possible. 

We suggest doing so before you even form your business as there is a lot of advice that lawyers can provide regarding business structure, contracts, and even negotiations with clients and suppliers. We can also flag potential issues at this early stage so they don’t pop up down the road. 

Contacting a lawyer prior to starting your business means that once your it is up and running you already have a relationship with a small business lawyer in place. This means you will always have someone to call if you have any business questions or need advice. We can also help you as you do your initial contracts with employees, suppliers, and clients, making sure the appropriate clauses are in place to protect your business and intellectual property. 

How do I afford to retain a small business lawyer? 

We understand that partnering with a small business lawyer can feel overwhelming from a financial standpoint, especially when your company is just getting started. The truth is, however, that a small business lawyer can work with you to create a support system that works with your needs and budget. 

In our case, we offer free consultations with small business owners, allowing you to get a sense of whether we are a good fit for you and your company.  And once you do retain us, we will not charge you for phone calls and emails, so you’re always free to get in touch and ask us a question.

Want to know how else a small business lawyer can help you? We have put together a list of ways we provide assistance to our clients

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